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Hawthorne, US

Pitch Deck: 

Celestial Investors:
I'm thrilled to introduce JTV Universal Management LLC, DBA MBG-FIT, a pioneering start-up in California on a mission to revolutionize the fitness industry.

Welcome to MBG-FIT, where fitness meets accessibility and inclusivity. Our innovative mobile fitness training center is tailored to veterans, wheelchair users, elderly citizens with physical mobility challenges, and corporate wellness.

This pitch deck will guide you through our mission, the problem we aim to solve, our unique solution, the experienced team behind it, the vast market opportunity, our vision, the business model, the competitive landscape, the five-year financial projection, funding requirements, and our exit strategy.

There is a significant gap in accessible and inclusive fitness services for veterans, wheelchair users, elderly citizens, and corporate wellness.
Many of them face physical mobility challenges, lack proper facilities, and struggle to find personalized fitness options that cater to their unique needs, which impacts their health and quality of life.

MBG-FIT Mobile Fitness Training Facility brings fitness services directly to our target demographics, offering personalized, adaptive, and inclusive fitness programs in the comfort of our environments.
Our state-of-the-art Mobile Fitness Trailer is equipped with specialized equipment and trained fitness professionals who can adapt workouts to individual needs. Our team comprises experienced fitness industry professionals who are passionate about inclusivity and accessibility. They drive MBG-FIT's success and ensure clients' unique needs are met.

The market for accessible fitness services is underserved and proliferating. We aim to capture this opportunity by providing a much-needed service to our substantial target demographics.

Our vision is to "empower everyone to live healthier lives," and our mission is "making fitness accessible to all."

We operate on a subscription-based model and offer different packages tailored to individual needs. Our pricing is competitive, and we project strong revenue growth in the coming years.
While there are existing fitness providers, we differentiate ourselves through accessibility and inclusivity. Our state-of-the-art Mobile Fitness Trailer, specialized equipment, and trained staff set us apart in the market.
We project substantial revenue growth over the next five years, achieving profitability by year three.

We are seeking $200,000 in investment to launch and scale our business. While we are committed to long-term growth and sustainability, we recognize potential exit scenarios that could offer significant returns to investors.

Our focus remains on creating a valuable and impactful business.
MBG-FIT is poised to revolutionize the fitness industry by making fitness accessible to all.
Join us on this journey as we create positive change in the lives of veterans, wheelchair users, elderly citizens, and corporate wellness while delivering solid returns on your investment.

Julian Vasquez, CEO

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